Over the past few months, Warner Bros. Animation has been taking to Instagram to give fans a speedy look at the skills of the folks working behind the scenes on Cartoon Network shows like MAD. Today, CA's been given a first-look at WBA's latest "WBA Quick Draw" video that sees Teen Titans Go! Producer Aaron Horvath jam on a fun Robin sketch based on the character design by Dan Hipp. The timelapse-y nature of the clip makes it easy to observe one of our favorite talents in animation at his drawing board (or, in this case, Cintiq). See Horvath in action after the cut.

Horvath and the rest of the Teen Titan Go! animation team's longer-than-15-seconds skills, will be on full display in tonight's new "Nose Mouth" episode at 7:30 p.m. on Cartoon Network.

Do we have a clip? You bet we do.

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