Achewood, Chris Onstad's frequently hilarious and just as frequently terrifying surrealist webcomic, has been on an indefinite hiatus for almost a full year now, following an earlier hiatus through much of 2011. Thankfully for fans, Onstad has announced on his personal blog that he has been working with a team of people to produce... an Achewood animated series. There's even a short teaser video, which you can scope out after the jump.While the teaser video doesn't have any dialogue (meaning that we'll have to wait for further updates to find out exactly how Nice Pete might sound), it does have one excellent thing going for it: Ray Smuckles' Gothic dance, brought to life in haunting animation.

Onstad has said that he'll be in Los Angeles this week for network pitch meeting, and that, with a bit of luck, we might see Achewood on the small screen. Regardless, Onstad re-iterated that he is back, and that the animation was "the tip and bulk of the iceberg, but there is much more."

While Achewood fans wait for more developments, those interested in catching up on the series can scope out Chris Sims' refresher, the comic's full online archives or its print editions from Dark Horse.

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