Even though there hasn't been a new strip in over a year, there's still hardly a day that goes by without me heading over to Achewood.com for some reason, usually because I'm talking about something that was covered in the comic. Today, it was a conversation about Airwolf, and when I went over there to find this strip --- an all-time favorite --- I noticed something I hadn't seen before: A link to an original art gallery where Chris Onstad is selling commissions and paintings of his characters.

And now, there's nothing in this world that I want more than a $650 oil painting of Roast Beef, the cat who has depression.


Achewood panel recreation by Chris Onstad


While Onstad has previously offered a few select panels and strips as prints for his readers --- including putting up a scalable PDF version of a few classics as part of the pay-what-you-want "Honor Shop" a few years ago --- I'm pretty sure that this marks the first time readers have been given the chance to take home original art from one of the best webcomics of all time.

In addition to taking commissions and producing original paintings of his characters, some of which are already available, Onstad is also offering up large-format, hand-painted recreations of readers' favorite panels, drawn from the strip's 14-year run. Those pieces use stencils to preserve the original dimensions and lettering, and will set you back a cool $800 --- but before you balk at the high price, consider that this will allow you to own "I own Airwolf."

More information can be found at Onstad's new Achewood Gallery site.

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