Ever wanted an action figure line that seamlessly combined 3.75" armored soldiers with transforming mechs in an alternate history where World War II never ended? Kit Lau and the Hong Kong-based Ori Toys did too, and will soon bring their vision of a toxic wasteland rife with war over resources to life with The Acid Rain World.

Due out in April, the line should sit well with fans who dig the grit of Ashley Wood's creations at 3A. Soldiers wear protective gear protecting them from toxic air and debris. Metal weapons are heavily rusted and worn. Vehicles emphasize the need for armor and navigating rugged terrain over merely dishing out punishment.

Though the line is set in an alternate history, it's haunting enough that it seems to take place in another world entirely. My first impression was that it's about as close as anyone has come to a toy line based on the Doroks (and anyone else with a weapon, really) from Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Getting your hands on these acid-worn warriors will cost you a fairly pretty penny due to their import status. Online shops like Bigbadtoystore currently have them available for preorder, with single figures going for around $20, the transforming Speeder MKII fetching about $130 and the ST-01 Stronghold 4 Eyes mech holding at $140.

More figures and vehicles appear to be on the way, which seem to combine with the first wave in intriguing and expansive ways. Of course, in the meantime those with some G.I. Joe figures on hand shouldn't have much trouble giving the Acid Rain items some gun-toting company.

You can see what you make of the new Acid Rain World toy line below.



[Via Acid Rain World/Ori Toy]