We're used to seeing comic book creators produce artwork and stories especially for charity, but rarely do we see such an endeavor so well-suited to comics as Panels for Primates. Orchestrated by Act-I-Vate's Troy Wilson, Panels for Primates is a charity webcomics series that deals only in stories about monkeys and was designed to raise money for the Primate Resource Center. Creators include Stuart Moore, Rick Geary, Mike Carey, Roger Stern, Dean Trippe and Carla Speed McNeil.As observed by Vaneta Rogers at Newsarama, comics professionals seem to have an inherent affinity for primates, whom despite appearances, make regular appearances in superhero comics that otherwise take pains to appear somewhat realistic. Examples include Congorilla, Gorilla Grodd and Hit-Monkey. As such, it seemed obvious to Wilson to recruit creators to help drive donations to the Primate Resource Center, which readers can do with the click of a PayPal button.

Executive Director of the Primate Resource Center, April Truitt confirmed that 100% of donations will be used to care for 50 "residents."

"We provide lifetime care for monkeys and apes who are cast off from biomedical research, the exotic pet trade, roadside zoos, and the entertainment industry," Truitt explained. "While it might not occur to most folks that this is a widespread problem in the U.S., we and all our sanctuary colleagues operate at full capacity and maintain a waiting list for new arrivals."

You can check out Act-I-Vate's Panels for Primates at this link.