Part photo essay, part biographical Webcomic and all awesome, "Seth Kushner's Culture Pop" is a regularly engaging read that's featured profiles of everyone from rooftop yoga practitioners to sousaphone players. Kushner's latest installment turns the lens on a creator a little closer to our neck of the woods, though, by featuring The Super Sucklord, a bootleg toy artist known for his trippy Suckadelic line of social commentary-infused custom pieces.

As mentioned at Toysrevil, the profile gives the curious an up-close look at The Sucklord's secret workshop, which is filled with the tools of the bootlegged toy trade. Plastics and paints of all colors and states of matter are met by thoughts from the creator in a configuration that manages to provide insight while still bolstering The Sucklord's mysterious reputation.

Whether you've ever wanted to customize your own toys or simply dig a cool photos of an interesting subject, the nine-page Webcomic is definitely worth a read over at ACT-I-VATE.
[Via Toysrevil]

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