Adam Warren has been one of my favorite comics creators for years, and even just flipping through his current work on the Empowered series of original graphic novels will explain why pretty quickly. Not only does it show off his talent for comedy and character building as a writer, but the art isn't just incredible, it's famously printed from his uninked pencils. Lea Hernandez has posted thirteen pages of Warren's layouts from 1990's Dirty Pair: A Plague of Angels -- one of the comics that made me a fan -- and to be honest, they look better than most artists' finished work.For those of you who aren't familiar with The Dirty Pair, it was originally a sci-fi anime focusing on two scantily clad "Trouble Consultants" with an unfortunate knack for solving minor problems by turning them into galactic catastrophes. Warren, who produced what's billed as "the original American manga," ratcheted things up to an extreme cyberpunk take featuring clones, enhanced cybernetics, and the idea that Kei and Yuri were so unlucky as to be on their third or fourth cloned bodies.

The layouts, done in pencil on standard 8.5" x 11" paper, show exactly the kind of kinetic energy and attention to detail that makes his work so great:

Unfortunately, Plague of Angels -- along with most of the rest of Warren's work on Dirty Pair -- is currently out of print, but if you're looking for something to buy, there's good news: Hernandez is selling these very layouts for a mere $30 a pop.

To see larger sizes, find out which ones are still available and bask in larger sizes, check out the entire set on Flickr!

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