For the past ten years, Adam Warren's Empowered has been one of the best comics on the stands --- and quite possibly the all-time world champion of "wait, no, it's actually a lot better than it sounds" high concepts. The story of a superheroine with an extremely fragile costume who often finds herself tied up by her enemies, Empowered is one of the most compelling and genuinely romantic stories out there, and provides some of the best action in comics.

In 2017, the series is celebrating its diamond anniversary, and in addition to a tenth original graphic novel, Dark Horse is marking the occasion with a new three-issue miniseries written by Warren with art by Karla Diaz, Empowered and the Soldier of Love.

Sadly, it's not a story focused on the oft-promised Were-Giraffe By Night, but despite that, it looks pretty fantastic.



Diaz, best known for her webcomics Coffee Shop and Cute Sins --- in which the embodiments of the Seven Deadly Sins emerge from Hell and share a house with each other where they spend most of their time babysitting --- is the latest artist to join Warren on a special non-OGN Empowered story, joining an already impressive lineup that includes Emily Warren, Ryan Kinnaird, John Staton, Takeshi Miyazawa, and Brandon Graham.

Here's Dark Horse's official announcement:


Empowered and the Soldier of Love finds Emp battling the International Magical Girl of Mystery. Emp’s new foe is using her unearthly powers to inflame the superhero community’s passions and create tension and problems among her fellow Superhomeys.

Empowered and the Soldier of Love’s first issue (of three) goes on sale February 8, 2017. Empowered Volume 10 will be available in summer 2017.