Former War Rocket Ajax co-host and friend of CA Adam WarRock (a.k.a. Eugene Ahn) has released the first single from his upcoming full-length, and it's a good reminder of how things are done in Marvel's core continuity -- and beyond! The new jam, "616," is a triumphant neighborhood anthem to the extreme with WarRock representing an entire reality and its costumed defenders. The track is just a taste of what's to come on the rapper's full length, You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?, which will arrive online and in stores on February 13. Though WarRock carries "616" solo, future tracks from his full album will feature comic book-friendly hip hop contemporaries such as MC Lars, Doctor Awkward, Beefy, Dual Core and others (unlike most comic book team ups, I don't believe they'll spend half their time fighting for no good reason).

Check out the full version of "616," and the downloadable radio edit (for time, not cusses), after the cut.

<a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">616 (Radio Edit) by Adam WarRock</a>

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