Former War Rock Ajax co-host Adam WarRock is back at ComicsAlliance with a new bi-weekly feature summarizing the events of the past 14 days in one digestible "Rap-Up." That's right, every two weeks WarRock will deliver a full-fledged hip hop jam collecting CA's top stories and other current events with the lyrical fury of an entire multiverse to a cosmos-crushing beat by Mikal kHill. Check out Adam WarRock's first ComicsAlliance Rap-Up, complete with lyrics and links, after the cut.

Ayo, I used to be the co-host of War Rocket Ajax

But now I'm on tour, looking for the big payback

Catch me on the west coast playing with Kirby Krackle

Cali to Tempe, las vegas to seattle

It's a new year, twenty twelve, plenty to talk about

Still reading those year-end lists that they putting out

In 2011, Marvel still was the top dog

That's great news for zombies, the walking dead and all

While the Justice League is selling out, the new 52

I mean outselling, so what's a superhero to do?

Maybe start a school like Wolverine,

Split with his team

And Cable fighting Avengers slid back from the Timestream

Cuz there's Hope for the future even if Avengers as nemesis

Assembling Walt Simonson and Brian Michael Bendis in

A future-past shock, like Kirby saving hostages

As if being the KING wasn't enough for his awesomeness

Christmas is over, no more red and the green

Cuz for me, reading Animal Man and Swamp Thing

And the future's so bright, that I gotta wear Shades

Looking to make my own name, like I'm Damian Wayne

And soon, Achewood's back, so thanks to Chris Onstad

I'm gonna have to toast a couple of crispy Stellas to that

And it's true, nobody knew, that on April Fool's

Utlimate-Spiderman is gonna be a Disney Cartoon

And in movie news, nobody understands what Bane's mumbling

Ask Warner Bros. if that matters when box office numbers in

Matter fact, Avengers, Spidey on your screen

Comics still in the movies, steady doing their thing

And true, Akira halts production, this is after

All the controversy over the lack of some asian actors

So they asked another writer to take a shot at

Still, I ain't too excited about this movie project ...

Parker's got the Score, Winter Soldiers at war

Batman & Superman back to Earth Once, More

And if it ain't enough that comics at your store is the deal

You can check some Fraggle Rock while grabbing a fourth meal

But me, I caught the flu, so I'm sick on the track

And I released a new single, so better go check that

New years, ComicsAlliance, What fun we having, son

Kidnap your attention like Green Goblin did Cooper Anderson

It's the rap up.....

ComicsAlliance Stories Referenced:

Comics Referenced:

-The Walking Dead

-Justice League

-Wolverine & The X-Men

-Avengers: Sanction

-Animal Man

-Swamp Thing

-The Shade

-Batman & Robin

-Parker: The Score

-Winter Soldier

-Batman: Earth One Vol. 1

-Superman: Earth One Vol. 2


Vox: Adam WarRock

Beats: Mikal kHill

Logo: Kevin Church

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