Former War Rock Ajax co-host Adam WarRock is back for his latest in a new series of Rap-Ups collecting ComicsAlliance's top stories and other current events atop the beats of Mikal kHill. This week's jam centers around opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act, with references to DC and Oni's new logos, the B.P.R.D. summer camp and plenty more. Stream and download Adam WarRock's latest ComicsAlliance Rap-Up, complete with lyrics and links, after the cut.

Once again, back is the incredible

amazing, spectacular rebel force

That's Adam WarRock, Comics Alliance Rap up

Teamed up, Daredevil and Spider-man versus the bad luck

That's black cats on deck, superstition's in effect

That must be why Powers was shelved by FX

Seems like the game is twisted,

Can't stop 'em

So we take to the web,

And fight back, like John Rozum

...and I read that, and man it's like my face peeled off

Until I looked like the new DC Logo, for real dog

Made me wish I was a kid again, still fun to be had

Training to join the BPRD in summer camp

But still we fight the power, that's like here to the Infinite

So long as we don't disagree due to creative differences

Cuz if George Lucas is screwed by the industry

What hope do we really got for you and me

So turn off your TVs, turn up this mp3

Write your congressman and flex a little freedom of speech

Opponents, think they got moves like batman

And they're laying in the Shadows, for some Garth Ennis action

Alright, before I get shut down like Megaupload

Fileserve, or pirate bay, by all our overlords

I'm here to fight the Darkseid like the Justice League

Until I got them doubled over like a ruptured spleen

So go head, pirate this track, stream it

Share it on all your social media, man, I mean it

Go make your LOLCATS and your brony fanfic

Who cares if Congress takes you to court, sues you for damages

I bet that Green Arrow'd insist it

Harvey Dent's in the pocket of corporate special interests

And I don't care what Frank Miller types now

We gotta occupy the multiverse, before it's all lights out

That's when Lex Luthor is president

And Norman Osborn is running HAMMER,

Controlling all our intelligence

With Wonder Woman put on indefinite hold

We revolutionize comics, like Oni's new logo


Vox: Adam WarRock

Beats: Mikal kHill

Logo: Kevin Church

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