We've been big fans of the geek-oriented rapper Adam WarRock -- a.k.a. Eugene Ahn -- for a while now at ComicsAlliance, spotlighting his Scott Pilgrim, Doctor Who, and Ira Glass-themed tracks, and generally shouting out his nerd-friendly hip hop stylings. Today, we're pleased to feature the debut of his new mixtape, which has a theme I think will be very familiar to most of our readers: The West Cost Avengers.

WarRock recently quit a career as a lawyer to focus full-time on rap, and after listening to tracks like "Wonder Man," the heartstring-pulling "U.S. Agent," and the Ice Cube-influenced "Hank Pym" (featuring a cameo by our own Chris Sims), I can't help but think he did the right thing. (And as you may expect if you have listened to any rap ever aside from Will Smith, there's some salty language involved.)

If you like what you hear, stay tuned: the Adam WarRock official debut album, "The War for Infinity," drops on September 23rd in digital and CD formats, and (spoiler) may involve songs regarding a certain Infinity Gauntlet and/or War.

Check out the full West Coast Avengers EP, complete with liner notes, after the jump. To download the entire album, click here.Adam WarRock presents... The West Coast Avengers Mixtape


Beat used: Roc Raida "Beats for Jugglers"

Iron Man

Beat used: DJ PolarHercules "Iron Man Instrumental"

War Machine

Beat used: Cypress Hill "How I Could Just Kill a Man"

Hawkeye & Mockingbird

Beat used: 2pac "Me & My Girlfriend"

Hank Pym

Beat used: Ice Cube "Check Your Self"

U.S. Agent

Beat used: MC Eiht "Straight Up Menace"

Moon Knight (f_ Tribe One)

Vocals and lyrics by N. Gray

Beat used: Warren G "Regulate"

Tigra and Firebird Intermission

Beat used: Ugly Duckling "Left Behind"


Beat used: N.W.A. "Express Yourself"

Living Lightning

Beat used: Madlib "Bark Like a Dog"


Beat used: Above the Law "Murder Rap"

Wonder Man

Beat used: Dr. Dre "Dre Day"


Beat used: Zion I "Bird's Eye View"

T.O.Y. (Team of the Year)

Beat used: Atmosphere "Shoulda Known"


Beat used: Dr. Dre "The Message"

Scarlet Witch

Beat used: TQ "Westside"





Check out the Adam WarRock debut album, The War For Infinity, out September 23, 2010 in digital and CD formats.


Cover art by C. Haley (http://letsbefriendsagain.com)

Vocals and lyrics by E. Ahn, except track 7 by N. Gray.

All beats the property of the original copyright holders. This mixtape is not for commercial purposes.


Thanks to Niles, Curt & Chris, Sims, Birdie, Laura and everyone at ComicsAlliance, and the whole West Coast.

Thank you for listening to the West Coast Avengers Mixtape. Support independent artists.

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