In its quest to continue delivering gender-swapped goodness -- perhaps the most demanded content in all of Adventure Time fandom -- Boom Studios has shared more art from its upcoming Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake comic book six-issue miniseries with ComicsAlliance. Set for a February release, Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake #2 will continue to showcase both the writing and illustrating skills of animated AT storyboard artist and Fionna and Cake creator Natasha Allegri, with special covers by Chad Thomas (Mega Man), Rebecca Mock (who has illustrated an awesome map of Archie's Riverdale), Stephanie Buscema (Teenage Satan, My Little Pony) and Maris Wicks (Bravest Warriors).From Boom! Studios' official solicitation info:

Get in on this explosively popular new ADVENTURE TIME mini-series, written and drawn by FIONNA & CAKE creator and ADVENTURE TIME storyboard artist Natasha Allegri! What will Fionna and Cake do with a flame-boy to care for? Find out in the hottest series of the year!

You can check out all four Adventure Time: Fiona & Cake #2 covers below.

Chad Thomas

Rebecca Mock

Stephanie Buscema

Maris Wicks

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