It didn't even get to 52.

DC's digital-first Adventures of Superman series concluded Tuesday with issue #51, with a story by Jerry Ordway and Steve Rude. We here at ComicsAlliance have documented our appreciation of the series, which offered a wide variety of Superman stories from some of comics' most talented creators. We're sad to see it end.

In the series' final chapter, legends Jerry Ordway and Steve Rude tell the story of Superman's first encounter with a hero from the future--OMAC: the One-Man Army Corps.

Adventures of Superman launched last year amid some controversy. The first issue was originally going to be penned by author Orson Scott Card, who has been an outspoken opponent of gay marriage. When several retailers said they wouldn't sell the print version of Card's story, artist Chris Sprouse bowed out of doing the art on the story and it was postponed indefinitely. Clearly, it'll never be published now, at least not as part of the Adventures of Superman series.

DC's digital focus seems to be shifting focus to its Infinite Crisis video game tie-in comic for now, but here's hoping we get to see Superman's trunks somewhere else in the near future.


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