Is the Princess Peach of Mario gamedom too tame for your tastes? Well, Agent Melon, who also goes by the alias agentscarlet on deviantART, has prepared a few alternative looks, including punk and scientist ensembles, for Mario's leading lady. Melon's Samus Aran isn't too shabby either.
Melon claims to wear male clothing in his or her profile, but remains noncommittal in the male/female field. And that's fine. After all, who needs a gender when you can paint instruction book-quality "Street Fighter" characters?

If Nintendo ever opens up adult-friendly clubs, this seems to be the creator they should hire to design the waitstaff's uniforms. Also, the female bartenders should have full Samus armor on, the male bartenders should wear ape suits with Donkey Kong neckties, and there should be Jell-O shots where the Jell-O is shaped like little Metroids.

Whether Nintendo cashes in on that brilliant idea or not, you should see what Agent Melon has wrought artwise below.

[Via Geek-Art]