Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama is on a roll lately when it comes to expanding the lore of his 42-volume manga series. On top of completing his latest manga, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman and a 12-page Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z prelude story known as Dragon Ball Minus, the creator recently provided siblings Android 17 and Android 18 with some added backstory (and epilogue) in a Q&A in Shueisha's Saikyō Jump.

It turns out that before Goku's enemy Dr. Gero transformed them into monstrously powerful cyborgs, Android No. 17 was a human named Lapis and his twin sister No. 18 was named Lazuli. Their names come from the deep blue semiprecious stone known as lapis lazuli, meaning their names are essentially "Stone" and "Blue," respectively.

In Dragon Ball and its localized Dragon Ball Z manga, the androids are a menace before dying, coming back to life and eventually mellowing out. While Android 18 goes on to be a fixture in the DB cast by starting a family with Kuririn, her brother more or less does his own thing and only shows up for a panel before the series wraps up. In the new Q&A Toriyama has revealed that after the manga Number 17 later becomes a poacher-hating park ranger at a nature preserve and marries a zoologist with two adopted children. This future is naturally completely at odds with the Dragon Ball Z anime's sequel Dragon Ball GT (a series not based on Toriyama's manga), but something tells me most fans won't mind.


Anroid 17 and 18



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