Alan Moore isn't one to play by the rules. In an age where magazines are folding faster than Barry Allen's origami collection, the celebrated "Watchmen" and "Lost Girls" creator (as well as master of mystic arts) is reentering the world of print with a 40-page color fanzine for bi-monthly publication local to his United Kingdom home of Northampton via Knockout Comics.

Bleeding Cool delivered the "Dogdem Logic" news earlier today with info about the zine's upcoming content, which Moore referred to in a press release as "the 21st century's first underground magazine from his home town of Northampton."

Is there still a place for tangible "underground" magazines in the digital age? Or is Moore, who recently chided comics for a lack of new ideas, simply tempting fate.

Moore's rather cavalier attitude regarding comics aside, the zine's upcoming content is stocked with talent from the realm of sequential storytelling, including contributions from his self-described "friends and co-conspirators" Kevin O'Neill, Edward Pouncey, Graham Linehan, Josie Long, Steve Aylett, Dave Hamilton and Melinda Gebbie.

The mag will hit in November, although those living outside of the UK will have to find creative ways of tracking down its content.