Those vintage "Mad Men" comic strips from a few weeks back took retro to one extreme, but even they may have been surpassed by Alex Gross's series of superhero portraits. Each of them looks like they could have come stuck to the back of a Honus Wagner rookie card, and Gross has even gone as far as to label them according to individual studios.

His "True Origin of Green Lantern" piece definitely stands out with an extra degree of mystic charm in the gallery He's also taken on Daredevil, Batgirl, Doctor Strange and a few others. Gross's Nike-clad, old-man rendition of Havok may creep you out a little bit when you think about an elderly fellow going senile with the ability to emit plasma blasts, but great art should lead you to contemplate great human questions, so feel free to indulge your imagination.

Alex Summers and plenty of our other favorites await your critical eyes after the jump.

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