Even though there's plenty of love to go around for Star Trek: The Next Generation here at ComicsAlliance, even the most artistic of us can't imagine blindly going where no artist has gone before and illustrating the show's cast without looking at what we were doing. Artist Kevin Breakstone laughs at the perceived limits of standard spatial ability, however, and the results are wonderfully surreal.

Breakstone's process, as outlined at his Tumblr, is pretty straightforward:
"Blind contour drawings are made by not looking at the page while moving the pen. I draw these with a sharpie and then use watercolors to make them purty."
This unorthodox method of rendering the likenesses of Data, William Riker, Dr. Beverly Crusher and other crew members of the various The Next Generation era USS Enterprises is both aesthetically dissonant and cartoonishly clear. Perhaps it shouldn't be so surprising considering Breakstone's skills when he's looking at what he illustrates, but it's still fascinating to see just how far mere muscle memory can go in the realm of simple sketching.

Check out Breakstone's blind take on the TNG crew below:

William Riker

William Riker


Older Data

Jean-Luc Picard

Dr. Beverly Crusher

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