Marvel formally unveiled its post-Secret Wars 'All New, All Different' line up on Wednesday, featuring a Marvel Universe reconfigured by the experiences of Battleworld, and an eight month time jump that allows the publisher to set up a new status quo for many of its characters. Marvel has never had a better opportunity to shake up its line, so reader had high expectations for a bold, diverse, inventive new direction. With that in mind, we're going to share the new titles with you, alongside some observations on how the new Marvel Universe is shaping up.

We've covered the X-Men, and the Avengers teams. Now we're into potentially the biggest group, the Avengers solo titles, which includes some heroes getting their own ongoing books for the first time. In fact, this group is so sprawling, we've held a couple of characters who are technically Avengers for a later post. Everyone is an Avenger now. Jonathan Hickman made it unwieldy. So here are just eight of the infinite solo Avengers titles.

  • Sam Wilson, Captain America

    Nick Spencer (W), Daniel Acuna (A)

    Cap vs Cap! Marvel conspicuously avoided the familiar Civil War tagline "Whose side are you on?" for the more awkward, "Who do you stand with?", but we're clearly heading for another ideological showdown in the Marvel U, and this time, both sides may have plausible ideologies! (#teamsam)

  • Invincible Iron Man

    Brian Michael Bendis (W), David Marquez (A)

    As previously announced, Bendis and Marquez are re-teaming to take over Marvel's big movie star hero, and the playboy tinkerer seems a good fit for the loquacious Bendis, who is at his best on solo heroes.

  • The Mighty Thor

    Jason Aaron (W), Russell Dauterman (A)

    Aaron and Dauterman continue their story, now mightier than before, and with Jane Foster's identity fully out of the bag. This book will probably continue to sell very well, inspiring people who hate seeing a woman as Thor to continue to harass everyone on the internet who points out that the book is selling very well. (Yes, this is a real thing some people dedicate their time to. Those people are furious.)

  • All-New Hawkeye

    Jeff Lemire (W), Ramon Perez (A)

    Continuation. Old Man Barton facing off against a rather well-dressed Kate Bishop! It's nice to see her ditching the thigh-revealing cutout pants again, but it's slightly odd that there are so many Old Man versions of our heroes running around right now. Is the current generation of comics writers starting to feel its age?

  • Captain Marvel

    Tara Butters, Michele Fazekas (W) Kris Anka (A)

    As previously announced, the Agent Carter writers are teaming with Kris Anka for a new take on Carol's adventures. Butters and Fazekas are the only women to join the Marvel writer pool as part of this relaunch, so if you're a woman looking to break into comics... break into television. (That's actually more or less Marvel's actual submissions policy for all writers, but finding new female talent by expecting them to break in through some other institutionally sexist industry seems wrong-headed. Hey, Marvel! Try webcomics, fellas. No gatekeepers; tons of talent.)

  • Scarlet Witch

    James Robinson (W), no artist named, Kevin Wada (CA)

    In the grand tradition of characters getting solo series if they were in a Marvel movie, Scarlet Witch is finally headlining her own title, though there's little hint what direction that title might take. Fingers crossed that a woman can join the creative team as artist. The costume on the cover is apparently Wanda's new look, not just a stylish flourish by Wada, and it's amazing.

  • Vision

    Tom King (W), Gabriel Walta (A), Marcos Martin (CA)

    Like Scarlet Witch, Vision is finally getting a solo book, leaving poor old Quicksilver as the only established major Marvel movie hero not to get a shot. (That Gamora book is still coming, right?) While a Black Panther title wasn't announced alongside the Doctor Strange title, we have to assume that's coming soon as well.

    Writer Tom King says his story will see Vision building an artificial family and having it all go wrong. That sounds like a suitably quirky direction to head in. But the best part of this book is already the logo treatment.

  • Astonishing Ant-Man

    Nick Spencer (W), Ramon Rosanas (A), Mark Brooks (CA)

    Scott Lang goes back to his criminal roots (hey, don't worry, I'm pretty sure it's a cunning ruse) for a book that could be a spiritual successor to Spencer's Superior Foes of Spider-Man, though Beetle is the only carry-over character from that series. Her new crew includes such criminal luminaries as Whirlwind, Porcupine, Grizzly, and some sort of Goliath, and I trust Spencer will have as much fun with them as he did with Boomerang, Blizzard, et al.

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