Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's celebrated All-Star Superman got the toy treatment from DC Direct back in 2008 with versions of The Man of Steel and Lois Lane (as Superwoman) and will be joined by a Superman and Bizarro collector set this week, but fans have still lacked a figure based on the Last Son of Krypton's most unique look from the storyline - his white suit. It may not be in scale with the 6" DCD toys, but collectors can finally score a slightly smaller version of Supes if they pick up the Best Buy's exclusive edition of the animated All-Star Superman Blu-ray.The All-Star Superman figure follows a series of other Best Buy exclusive minifigure pack-ins including the Red Hood from Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batman from Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Wonder Woman from Wonder Woman, Owlman from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths plus an earlier version of Superman that came packed with Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

This new figure appears to be a repaint of the Apocalypse toy (you can make out his boot lines, for instance) and comes packaged sans helmet from the looks of things, but for just a few bucks more than its toy-less counterparts, it will likely still soothe the toy lover within for the moment.

Check out assembled images of the minifigure below: