Speaking spells backwards is back baby! DC's The Source has announced that the magician Zatanna is getting her own ongoing series this May written by writer Paul Dini with art by Stephane Roux.

This marks Zatanna's first solo book since her "Seven Soldiers" title back in 2005. While the magician has had several minis, this also stands to be her longest sustained series.

Dini would seem to have plenty of inspiration for the gig given he and his wife, Misty Lee's backgrounds in stage magic, and judging from Roux's preview pages, he seems to have Zatanna's trademark attire down to a science - a magical science even.

According to the writer, fans can expect a fleshed out backstory, a fresh supporting cast and enough new villains to fill a rouges gallery. Readers can also count on nods to Zatanna's JLA membership as well as further interaction with her cousin Zach, who Teen Titans fans may recall isn't the nicest kid with spell casting powers.

I've always dug Zatanna as a supporting character and considering my first introduction to her was in her Dini-penned episode of "Batman: The Animated Series," I'm excited to have my experience come full-circle to an extent as she steps into an ongoing.

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