Allison Strejlau is an artist whose work is hard to classify simply because she's so adept at a range of styles. When she's drawing fanart, she seems equally comfortable in cartoony Legend of Korra and dramatic Darjeeling Limited watercolors, in grim battles with Batman and psychedelic Pokémon duels. But her original artwork is even better, rich with architecture and planet life and just the right touch of magic.
Strejlau is handling art duties on BOOM! Studios' upcoming Regular Show comic, written by Gunshow creator KC Green. (Green, incidentally, is hilarious. If you aren't reading Gunshow, start with The Anime Club and then go back and read everything else.) Hopefully, the two of them will do for Regular Show what Ryan North and company have done for the Adventure Time comics. In the meantime, you can read Strejlau's personal comics work on her website, follow her sketches on Tumblr and delve into her deviantART gallery, home of both her original works and absurd amounts of Glee fanart.

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