Amanda Visell's art uses blocky, 1960s-style figures and smiles to delve into fantasy and superhero themes. Her lively depictions of Paul Bunyan, dragons and Hello Kitty are packed with action and scenes of children's-book situations gone amok. Then there is her simple look at the chaos and luxury in Batman's life, which is just brilliant.Visell's gallery of paintings on seem to be mostly sold, but you can still enjoy them in their digital incarnations. Every one of her pieces tells a small story, whether it uses griffins, gnomes or giant robots.

We sympathize with her concern for Robin, though. Even when the Caped Crusader is holding on to the other end of the rope atop a skyscraper, it's a pretty risky proposition to be in the crime-fighting business with him.

Check out that painting, as well as a defenseless unicorn being assaulted by tanks in the middle of a city below: