After months of casting announcements and rumors, The Amazing Spider-Man sequel has finally gotten an official plot synopsis, and the news is pretty... Electro-fying. From the official press release, it looks like the sequel will focus on Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) balancing his tenuous relationship with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), friendship with the returned Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) and foeship with new villain Electro (Jamie Foxx). Sony's official press release has confirmed the film's increased focus on Oscorp, Sally Field's return as Aunt May, and the inclusion of newly revealed cast member Colm Feore.Feore joins Paul Giamatti in the "cast in as-yet-unspecified roles" category, although chances are they won't be joining forces to play Fusion. Giamatti, so far, has been rumored to be playing the Rhino. At a glance, Feore seems like a solid candidate for the Vulture. So Fusion fans, you might want to start a mail-in campaign or petition.

With a new Harry Osborn added to the rebooted franchise, details are scarce so far on whether we'll see him or his father donning a goblin mask, even if we have some idea of how James Franco will feel about the whole thing.

Official ASM2 images like posters are still in the offing, but director Marc Webb has been tweeting some pictures from the film's set, including some kind of Oscorp machine prop.

The movie's is set to be released on May, 2, 2014.

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