What happens when you mix Steve Rogers, Harvey Pekar and James Kochalka together? Apparently, the answer is Steve Rogers' American Captain, a fictional diary comic by America's favorite super-soldier that helps him try to make sense of the world in which he's woken up, sixty-plus years after ending up frozen after fighting Nazis.

American Captain - its name pointing to the debts the strip owes both Harvey Pekar's autobio comic American Splendor and James Kochalka's just-finished diary comic American Elf - is pretty great, something that's both charming on its own without the meta-comedy of the larger Captain America/Avengers (It's set in the movie universe, continuity fans) joke, and particularly great for those who do catch all of the references. Finally, we get to see what Thor thinks of theology and feel the inner pain of Steve Rogers, and it's surprisingly poignant as well as funny.

Considering that the Marvel Universe Steve Rogers drew comics (for Marvel Comics!) in the 1980s, it'd be great to see this quietly worked into continuity somehow, wouldn't it...? Hey, Rick Remender...!

[Via io9]

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