Asgard already boasts an unlikely agent in the form of young trickster god Loki. Now it has an unlikely assassin as well, as Loki's sis from another exis(tence), Angela, gets her own solo title this November, Angela: Asgard's Assassin.

The new series by writers Kieron Gillen and Margeurite Bennett and artists Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans was announced at the Avengers NOW panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday -- the same panel where Al Ewing and Luke Ross's Captain America And The Mighty Avengers was unveiled.

Angela: Asgard's Assassin sees the erstwhile angelic bounty hunter from Image's Spawn Universe firmly ensconce herself in her new home in the Marvel Universe by killing as many people as possible. Angela was recently established as the long-lost daughter of Odin, but despite her new book's title, the events of Original Sin may set Angela on bad terms with both Asgard and her old home in the Tenth Realm --so this sister will be doing it for herself.

Kieron Gillen is no stranger to dangerous Asgardians, having written Loki in both Journey Into Mystery and Young Avengers. The book is Margeurite Bennett's first ongoing title at Marvel, and makes her the third female writer currently on a Marvel book with a female solo lead, alongside G. Willow Wilson on Ms. Marvel and Kelly Sue DeConnick on Captain Marvel.


Stephanie Hans


Phil Jimenez will provide lead art on the book, while Stephanie Hans, who provided covers for Journey Into Mystery, will illustrate short stories in every issue that are embedded within the main narrative -- stories within stories. The job-share is probably creator-driven, but may set an interesting precedent as Marvel continues to look for ways to manage the workloads of star artists and establish emerging talents.

The Angela ongoing title would seem to confirm beyond any reasonable doubt that Angela is not the new Thor. It will be interesting to see if and how the Angela and Thor titles intersect -- and with Loki still running around as well, Marvel is now operating at peak Asgardian.

Judging from the Stephanie Hans variant cover for the first issue (above), Angela will not be getting a sensible new costume with her new #1, but we hold out hope that this can change. If Angela doesn't put any clothes on, maybe Boy Thor can start wandering around in just a belt as well.