The Fictory's animated take on Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener's mechanized scientist in "Atomic Robo: Last Stop" has been in the works for awhile, and while the animators have regularly posted storyboard images to keep fans stoked, the newest fully-animated teaser trailer is what Robo readers have really been waiting for.At just a minute and 32 seconds, the teaser builds some Robo anticipation before flashing to images of his Tesladyne teammates and the excruciatingly hard-to-kill villain Helsingard (who looks just as nice animated as he looked in maquette form).

Fans still have at least a few more months of waiting ahead of them before the final product arrives, as promised by the Fictory, in late 2010. Of course, even once that particular wait is over, Robophiles will still want to keep their eyes peeled for more info on the videogame tie-in tentatively called "Atomic Robo: Last Stop Trainyard Dash," which will hit the iPhone and Android phones sometime after its animated counterpart.

Watch the new teaser trailer below:

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