Last week, Marvel released the first in a series of Ant-Man viral videos, which set out to give Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang a little more backstory and connect the studio’s newest hero to the larger MCU. The second viral video has arrived today, and it once again features Leslie Bibb’s reporter Christine Everhart (last seen in the Iron Man films) shedding some light on Lang.

The video opens with footage from Ultron’s attack on Sokovia and the resulting fallout which, as Everhart notes, is sure to fuel the government’s ongoing arguments about whether or not superheroes should be regulated to some extent. That definitely hints at Captain America: Civil War, in which Tony Stark will take the side of the government in enforcing a superhero registration program, while Steve Rogers will vehemently oppose the idea and the two will draw a line in the sand, forcing their peers and friends to choose sides.

We’ve heard from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige that Ant-Man lays some groundwork for Civil War, and the viral video overtly hints at that while also revealing more of Lang’s past.

Ant-Man stars Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Judy Greer, Bobby Cannavale and Michael Pena, and hits theaters on July 17.