Last night before signing off from the blogosphere I promised myself I wouldn't get on Twitter for fear of spoiling "Lost's" Season Six premiere. Long story short, it didn't work out that way. Fortunately, instead of running into any actual spoilers, I ran into "Nedroid Picture Diary" creator Anthony Clark's "spoilers," hilarious sketches chock full of "Lost" fan wonderment.

Clark's Nedroid Twitter feed kept me chuckling all night long as I attempted to avoid catching literal pieces of info that might stunt my eventual viewing experience (I plan on catching it tonight). From a Locke fake-out to a sketch revealing Vincent's doggy fate, there's a little something for every fan of the series.

Despite my addiction to the sketches, I managed to walk away from the evening without feeling cheated by the Internet. Thanks to Clark, my night was saved.

Check out all of his handiwork after the jump...
Most fantastical moment

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