Toys: Iron Man will not exit the donut. Instead, he'll bring the donut with him as part of a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive action figure set. Or, maybe he won't, but it's wishful thinking! [Marvelous News]

Webcomics: Nedroid and Dinosaur Comics collide. The results are bizarre. [Qwantz]

Crossovers: Geoff Johns and Brian Bendis will collaborate on an upcoming Marvel Comics and DC Comics crossover that sees the Scarlet Witch melding the two realities together. In this reality, it'll be totally cool if she gets it on with Quicksilver. [Multiversity Comics]

Products: None of the items currently listed at ThinkGeek are really for sale, but it's very fun to imagine what it would be like if they were. [ThinkGeek]

Casting: Hugh Laurie "will play" J. Jonah Jameson in the upcoming "Spider-Man" relaunch. And by "will play," I mean he won't. Nobody messes with J.K. Simmons, except Tobias Beecher. [IESB]

Food: In the mood for a steak from another galaxy? Try Tauntaun meat, fresh from the butcher's on Hoth. [TFAW]

Recalls: According to Glenn Hauman, "Blackest Night" #8 has been recalled due to a printing error - a printing error that resulted in a vastly different ending to the story than Geoff Johns initially intended. Howboutthat. [ComicMix]

Origins: Valerie D'Orazio reveals that she is not of this world. If humanity pledges its allegiance by buying her comic books and related merchandise, she will rid the world of "V" countdown clocks during "Lost." [Occasional Superheroine]

Conflicts: Is "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" star Michael Cera playing The Flash? Or is it "Chuck" leading man Zachary Levi? Probably neither. Just some kids playin' a prank. [Screen Rant & Fused Film]

Filmmakers: In anticipation of April Fool's, Edgar Wright pledged to tweet nothing but lies over the course of 24 hours, save for one sole truthful tweet. Can you figure out which one is the outlier? [Edgar Wright Here]

Creative Teams: Series creators Mike McGee have [not] sold the rights of "El Gorgo!" over to "All-Star Superman" collaborators Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly. [El Gorgo!]

Publishers: Dark Horse Comics asks you to bring the funny with their "Jokes On Us" initiative on Twitter. [Dark Horse]

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