The mega-crossover Flashpoint has been shrouded in secrecy for months, but DC Comics has been dropping Flash Facts like hotcakes all through March, giving eager fans tantalizing teasers and blazing preview images. Now, just when you thought the big summer event couldn't get any hotter, comes the biggest reveal yet: Comics Alliance has eight exclusive variant cover images from Flashpoint tie-in comics that contain hints to the plot of the mysterious crossover.

"We held back the real covers because they contained crucial story information," said a DC representative. "but now we're ready to give fans a taste of the world-shaking events in store for them as everything they know about the DC Universe changes in a flash. Prepare yourselves, because nothing will ever be the same again after the events of Flashpoint."

"All the artists involved did a fabulous job on these covers," said DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. "Barry's relationship with each of the featured characters is integral to our overall story, and these variant covers really put their finger on the emotional core of those relationships."

Check out these exclusivecovers for Flashpoint: Batman, Flashpoint: Booster Gold, and six other must-see Flashpoint tie-ins! [Brought to you by the experts at Let's Be Friends Again]

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