After paying tribute to women in comics with the hit miniseries "Girl Comics," Marvel has announced plans to branch out to another underserved demographic with the upcoming "Bro Comics." "Grab your Axe body spray and your best Ed Hardy tee," Marvel EIC Joe Quesada announced via Twitter, "cause Marvel is bro-ing down!"

While "Girl Comics" threw the spotlight on established and up-and-coming female creators, the creator line-up for "Bro Comics" is a "who's who" of "guy's guy" artists and writers. Quesada confirmed that Rob Liefeld, Howard Chaykin, and manly "Guy Gardner" artist Beau Smith are all on board, while Frank Miller will provide variant covers. And in a move that will likely stir up some controversy, "Cerebus" creator Dave Sim will pen an 17-part essay entitled "From Betty Friedan to Lady Gaga: The Sissyfication of American Manhood" (parts 1-4 will run in the mini, with the rest to be spread across every Marvel book for the month of July). Issue #1 also comes with a fold-out poster of actress and "Maxim Hot 100" winner Olivia Wilde drawn by Greg Land.As for the stories, Quesada promises tales of Marvel's toughest heroes "pounding brewskis, wearing sick gold chains, playing foosball, and generally being bros." Liefeld's story finds Cable and Wolverine rating the women of the Marvel Universe on a "marry, f--k, kill" scale, while Howard Chaykin delivers another one of his patented 1950s throwback tales that absolutely no one is sick of. Look for a Deadpool tale (penned by "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" author Tucker Max) where the "merc with a mouth" is assigned to protect "Jersey Shore" cast member DJ Pauly D from crazed groupies. "The honeys of South Beach are all up in DJ Pauly's bizness," Quesada says. "Luckily, Deadpool is there to take the 'grenades' for his bro. And also actually throw some grenades."

Quesada says he hopes to bring a new readership to Marvel. "We really feel that the 'bro' audience is underrepresented in comics. Their voice has been silent for too long. It's time for the medium to bro up!"

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