Following the success of its iVerse app online and on mobile devices, Archie Comics (and iVerse) is bringing graphic novel-sized collections to Barnes and Noble's Nook, joining offerings from Archaia and a small handfull of other publishers. While the Nook's specs aren't necessarily every reader's cup of tea for comics, the Nook (like Amazon's Kindle) isn't just a device, but also a branded digital distribution system. Nook content -- like Comixology's and other digital services' content -- can be accessed across multiple platforms including iOS and Android devices and personal computers. We spoke to Archie Co-CEO Jon Goldwater to learn about the latest component in the publisher's digital comics strategy. Read the full interview after the jump.

CA: What about the Nook's target user base appealed to Archie?

Jon Goldwater: It's about making the books – and these great characters – as available as possible. The Nook Color is new territory for comics, and we want to be at the forefront of digital and available on as many platforms as possible. Whether it's print, via the direct market, newsstand or bookstore markets, or digitally, via Android, iTunes, the iPad, desktop computers and now the Nook, Archie will continue to strive to reach out and experiment with new venues of distribution and news ways to connect with our audience.

The Nook itself is an interesting device because it straddles the line between tablet and e-reader, and in color does basically both. We've had great success on the iPad and see being on the Nook as an extension of that, which will hopefully provide some people the chance to sample and start reading our comics that otherwise couldn't before.

CA: How much did the Nook's cross-platform digital distribution service appeal to Archie?

JG: It definitely appealed to us, in that it meant the chance to make our characters and books more easily available and transferable to readers on different platforms.

CA: How much will the graphic novels cost?

JG: Graphic novels will clock in at $5.99 – except for the Archie Marries trade, which is $7.99. But $5.99 will be the standard price point for graphic novels on the Nook.

CA: Wil there be any Nook exclusive content?

JG: Not right away, no. We're starting with a small selection of titles, including the Archie Marries graphic novel, and expanding gradually from there, as we've done with our other platforms.

CA: How did Archie respond to the Nook's format challenges?

JG: We have a great support team on the digital side internally, and we worked with Michael Murphey and the iVerse team on the transition to Nook, so the process has been fairly seamless and will continue to be moreso as we expand the number of titles we have available.

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