A mondo medley of both new and already high profile manga series are about to be available digitally for free by way of Japanese publisher Kadokawa. Launching on PC and mobile devices via an app on March 22, Kadokawa's new ComicWalker service will come stocked with scads of titles in Japanese, Chinese and English including Sgt. Frog, Gundam: The Origin and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

At launch the service will include 40 translated works, although the list will grow to around 200 over time. Though the service's menu may be solely in Japanese at launch (which could make it difficult for those who can't read Japanese to navigate it) Kadokawa is working to have it translated in the near future. A "magazine" creation function will allow users to build playlists of sorts for the titles they like, which should help those who can't read Japanese dig into specific works more easily until a translated version of the service arrives.

Specific titles included on the app will be Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Non Non Biyori, Nobunaga the Fool, Sgt. Frog, Tonari no Seki-kunNeon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam: The Origin, and more. Some titles, like Evangelion and Gundam, will be available in their full-color incarnations.

On top of the concluded and currently ongoing series that users may already be familiar with, the app will also serve as a platform that debuts original work debuting not unlike DC's "digital first" material. About 50 titles will be featured on the service, which Kadokawa will eventually collect in print under a new imprint.

Press materials don't specify whether the ComicWalker mobile app will be available for Android, but photos from its official launch press conference depict the service being used on iOS.

[Via ANN]

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