With over two million copies sold in its first week of release, it's pretty safe to say that Batman: Arkham City, the new game in which Batman punches his way through a massive prison built out of Gotham City itself, is a pretty big hit. That means that we're pretty likely to see another sequel out of the franchise that continues its story, things are definitely going to be interesting if a certain hidden Easter Egg in the game -- and the dramatic development it hints at -- have anything to do with where the next installment is head.

To find out just what that Easter Egg is and hear our guesses for what it might mean for the future of Arkham, brave the spoilers below.If the Rocksteady develop do intend this Easter Egg as a spoiler for the next game, it wouldn't be the first time; there's an extremely well-hidden secret room in the previous Arkham Asylum that contains hints about Arkham City, including a map with plans for the larger area and even locations like the Steel Mill that made it into the final game.

The thing is, there's not really a way to find that room unless you already know it's there: It doesn't show up on maps or by scanning the area it's in, and you have to use a triple-sized dose of the explosive gel to blow open the unmarked wall that leads to it. In Arkham City, however, the Easter Egg is a lot easier to find. It's sitting right there on the floor in the Joker and Harley Quinn's Steel Mill love nest:

That's right, everybody: It's a positive pregnancy test. And since there are only three women in Arkham City, it's pretty easy to figure out who it belongs to. Apparently, Harley and the Joker are expecting to hear the pitter-patter of murderous little clown feet.

If Harley is pregnant, then it definitely lends itself to some pretty interesting consequences. For one thing, it makes Batman seem like a real jerk for always throwing her into walls and stuff. Come on, Bruce: She's with child. The least you could do is take the punch. For the kids.

As for what it means for the sequel, it's hard to say. As War Rocket Ajax co-host Matt Wilson pointed out, there is now a very real possibility that the next Batman video game will end with Batman just straight up punching out a baby, and I have to admit, I would totally be into that. As long as the baby's evil, I mean. Let's not go crazy. There's also the chance that, in a surprise twist, the father isn't who you expect, and in order to settle the matter, Batman will have to team up with one of his greatest new allies, Maury Povich.

Maybe -- and keep in mind that this is pure speculation on our part -- this is even a hint that they're going to shift the timeline forward by a couple of decades for a story that draws on Dark Knight Returns in the same way that the previous games built on things like Arkham Asylum and No Man's Land. It doesn't seem likely, but then again, it would give them the ability to do a game where Batman fights the Joker's kid without, you know, doing karate at an infant.

What I hope for, though, is that the focus shifts to Harley and Joker Jr. wandering the Earth, avoiding the law while plotting to get their revenge for the wrongs perpetrated against their family, like a wicked clown-themed Ogami Itto and Daigo. You know, Juggalone Wolf and Cub.

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