Last night saw Arrow making history of sorts, bringing DC superhero Vixen to live action with the same actor hired to play her in a tie-in animated series. The appearance went over strongly enough that fans are naturally clamoring for Megalyn E.K. to lead her own solo series, but is a full Vixen possible in the current slate? Arrow heads weigh in.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Arrow and Flash (and Supergirl, it’s a whole thing) producer Andrew Kreisberg suggested that DC TV series were in a holding pattern for the moment, though a Vixen series could become a possibility next year:

I think this year, we’re taking it easy and seeing what happens … I think anyone who appears anywhere on any of these shows has the potential to be more if there’s a demand for it from the studio and the network, and certainly the biggest demanders would be the audience. That’s why we try to cast these parts almost in a way as potential series leads or series regulars. That’s why even when we did the cartoon version of Vixen that we got someone like Megalyn, who we knew had the potential to portray her in live action as opposed to just finding some random guest voice actor.

That falls in line with some earlier comments from CW president Mark Pedowitz, who suggested that the character was definitely ripe for her own series, though she could also end up joining Legends of Tomorrow in a later season as well.

Legends doesn’t have a formal Season 2 renewal as of yet, and would likely air concurrent with Arrow and The Flash at 20+ episodes, but is there room for a Vixen solo series as well? Is a Legends of Tomorrow slot a worthy consolation prize, if not?

Check out clips from her live-action appearance below, and weigh in.

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