This week, DC released their solicitations for September, and with them, the eyebrow-raising art for Catwoman #0, in which artist Guillem March -- an artist we're generally pretty fond of here at ComicsAlliance -- poses the title character in a way that we can charitably refer to as "anatomically dubious." Featuring a high-angle shot of Catwoman in which her face, breasts and butt are on display at the same time (plus a single foot, for those of you who are into that), it honestly looks like DC saw Kate Beaton, Meredith Gran and Carly Monardo's Strong Female Characters and decided they needed to get a piece of that lucrative market.

Before long, responses from other artists started to come in over Twitter, but if you missed them, don't worry. We've picked out our favorites after the cut!Here's March's original art from the solicitation:

And the responses!First up, Kate Beaton tries to figure out what kind of spine-shattering anatomy could lead to that pose:

Meredith Gran adjusts the angle for us with a cheery wave:

Cartoonist Michael Kupperman took a break from chronicling the life and times of Mark Twain in the 21st Century to re-draw the cover from memory:

Former Catwoman artist Cameron Stewart expresses his reluctance about the new design:

Josh Rodgers boils it down to the essentials: showed us just how bouncy this Catwoman would be:

Catie Donnelly puts this cover's version of Catwoman into a few other situations:

While most artists seemed critical of the original pose, however, John Allison defended it, citing this "photo-realistic" drawing of his day-to-day activities as proof that the anatomy wasn't exaggerated at all:

But perhaps the most interesting critique of this style comes from Guillem March himself, who posted this piece of art at his blog (NSFW link) back in April:

Like I said above, March is perfectly capable of doing work that's both sexy and actually recognizable as the human form, so how that cover made it out to the public, especially as an image meant to entice people into buying that comic, we may never know. Maybe DC's just trying to distract us from the fact that they're doing their second renumbering stunt in a year?

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