Since it began nearly 20 years (!) ago, writer Kurt Busiek and artist Brent Anderson's Astro City has offered up superhero tales from the perspective of the regular humans who encounter them. Clearly, it's proven to be a concept with some serious longevity. The creative team is still coming up with fresh concepts.

Take the newest issue for example. On sale now, issue #14 of the Vertigo series focuses on an elderly woman named Ellie who runs a roadside museum -- the kind one often finds on long drives out West -- full of what seem to be busted-up robot henchmen. To the superheroes who destroyed them on their way to taking down a supervillain, they were just another obstacle. To Ellie, they're showpieces, and, as the title indicates, friends.

Not only are Busiek and Anderson focusing on a character you just don't see very much in superhero comics--a woman over 50--but the very idea of what happens to all that old junk once superheroes smash it up is one that has rarely been explored. And, of course, us readers get to see how some of these mechanical marvels met their end.

After a month off, Busiek and Anderson, along with colorist Alex Sinclair return with what looks to be another gorgeous, clever issue of a series that is well, well worth reading. Check out these preview pages if you don't believe me:



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Astro City #14 is on sale now in finer comics shops and digitally from DC Entertainment.

(Via The AV Club)