Fans of the big-city adventures of Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson's critically-acclaimed Astro City are in luck come June. The series is returning at DC Comics as a full ongoing following a three-year hiatus, with the book's original team of Busiek, Anderson and character designer and cover artist Alex Ross at the helm.In an interview with MTV Geek, Busiek clarified that even though it was under the umbrella of DC publishing, the series would remain creator-owned and not a part of the DC universe.

According to Busiek, the new series will more or less continue the format of prior versions of the comic, with a rotating cast and a strong focus on the city and its citizens as a whole.

Astro City began as a sort of anthology series in 1995 and followed the superheroes, supervillains and everyday citizens who lived in the eponymous city. Critically-acclaimed, and the recipient of a number of Eisner and Harvey-awards, the series has been on an indefinite hiatus since May of 2010.

The new series will be available in June, but you can find the original series collected at your local comic shop or public library.

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