The last time we checked in on The Fictory's animated "Atomic Robo: Last Stop" short film, based on Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener's "Atomic Robo" series, the studio had just released a teaser that showcased (among other things) star Robo and his antagonist Helsingard lighting up and possibly preparing for battle. Now, as the project's promised "late 2010" release date inches closer, the studio has released new test animation displaying the firepower Robo's fated to come up against.Labeled as a "very rough," but "super frick'n cool" animation test by The Fictory, the new video of Helsingard's modern mecha form demonstrate's the villain's numerous weapons -- namely drill claws, shoulder cannons and multiple wrist-mounted gun barrels. A few more twists and it's easy to imagine Helsingard spinning into an energon cube-chomping Decepticon.

In addition to the new Helsingard test animation, The Fictory's Courtland Ellis has recently posted a process video detailing his creation of a "Last Stop" promotional poster. It's not exactly animation, but the video does give some insight into how the studio's artists build Robo images from sketch to a fully-colored piece of commercial art.

See the test animation and poster coloring process videos below:

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