Atomic Robo has been to Japan, the Amazon, and even Mars, but now he's venturing into some previously unexplored territory: the world of iOS video games. This March Atomic Robo: Violent Science, based on the AR comic series by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, is an action-platformer that will be available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.Developed by Second Fiction (Happy Tofu Dragon), the game will see players take control of Robo and "Use SCIENCE over braun" in a mission to stop the cyborg Nazi super-scientist Helsingard from conquering the world. The game's story is a rough adaptation of The Fictory's March-dated Atomic Robo animation, Last Stop, co-written by Clevinger.

So far gameplay videos seem to tap the energetic pacing and optimistic tone of the comic book series, currently in its eighth-and-counting volume with digital comics available on Comixology and a dozen or so free issues and short stories on the Atomic Robo home site.

You can check out a gameplay video and production images of Atomic Robot: Violent Science, below.

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