In an event dreaded by all movers, touring rock bands and anyone else who has ever depended upon portable storage, Avatar Press EiC William Christensen reports that the publisher's convention trailer and its comic book contents were stolen this past Tuesday. The white, 5x8' trailer was parked at Corner Store Comics in Anaheim following this past weekend's WonderCon and included wire racks, a backdrop display, signage, and full cases of graphic novels. In addition to working with local law enforcement, Christensen has asked the comics community to be on the lookout for anyone other than Diamond Comics Distributors trying to sell large qualities of its wares or any other suspicious activity associated with Avatar releases.From Christensen's official statement:

Full cases of most of our most popular graphic novels like Neonomicon, Crossed, Freakangels, Night of the Living Dead, and Fevre Dream are gone. Large quantities of World War Z, Zombie Survival Guide and books by author Max Brooks were in that trailer. Some limited editions, created for the conventions, of Ferals #1, Crossed: Badlands #1 and Lady Death #14 and #15 are now much more limited as huge chunks of the entire production run are gone.

Despite the theft, Avatar Press is assuring retailers that they have sufficient inventory to meet demand and will continue with their summer convention plans as scheduled, including attending Emerald City Comicon this coming weekend in Seattle. Those with any information regarding the theft or subsequent fencing of Avatar's goods can contact Christensen at

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