Clearly, the world domination plans of Malachai and Ethan Nicolle are proceeding apace, with the news that their webcomic Axe Cop is to be adapted into a television series anchoring Fox's upcoming late night Saturday night animation block starting next year.According to Nick Weidenfeld, the former Adult Swim executive who's in charge of Fox's new Animation Domination HD block, the popular webcomic -- also available in print from Dark Horse -- has been something the network has been looking at since it started thinking about new series for a potential late-night slot. "It's rare that you find something that feels both so new in its tone and content but also so fully formed," he told the Hollywood Reporter, adding "To me it was very clear that 'Axe Cop' has potential to be a larger franchise."

The result of a collaboration between professional cartoonist Ethan and his then-five-year-old brother Malachai, Axe Cop first appeared in 2009 (The website was launched the next year, after initial installments were posted to Facebook) and quickly won over readers with its mix of ridiculousness, kid logic and ideas that were too awesome to ignore. Picked up by Dark Horse in 2010, the strip has gone on to crossover with webcomic Dr. McNinja, inspire fan movies as well as win multiple awards and be named as one of the Top Ten Graphic Novels for Teens in the 2012 Young Adult Library Services Association Awards.

The network is currently looking for a writer to adapt the series into six 15-minute episodes, which Weidenfeld is referring to as a pilot for a longer series. Fox hopes to launch the Saturday night Animation Domination block in the first quarter of 2013.

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