Considering it requires the combined might of the Brothers Nicolle to maintain "Axe Cop's" current breakneck (or perhaps in this case, chopped-neck) production pace, it only seems fiar that the creation of the series' fan-made theme song would also amount to a two-man task. That's precisely the case when it comes to the musical stylings of Stepdad, a duo that recently posted their "Axe Cop" inspired jam atop its MySpace player.

The tune seems to suit the series' mustachioed protagonist especially well, pushing a '70s groove adorned with '80s synth tones and '90s action movie bravado. Don't worry though, the audio quality is all '00s - '10s even!

Stepdad's jam received the Axe Cop Seal of Approval a few weeks back when the hero pointed his Twitter followers in its direction, having since been rocked to a hearty degree by page visitors.

Could a sweet solo by Flute Cop be in Stepdad's future? Only time will tell.