Cartoons: Fox teases its ADHD lineup with a new sizzle reel that includes new Axe Cop footage. [ADHD]

Digital: Writer Dave Eggers and artist Noah Van Sciver (The Hypo) has a new comic up at Trip City. [TC]

Toys: Fans headed to the May 17-19 Dallas Comic Con will have a chance to pick up an exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl Reverse Flash figure, plus a special two-pack featuring a standard Reverse Flash and "Glow in the Dark" variant. [scifiexpo]

Gaming: Super Hero Squad Online has apparently been overrun by villains in its new Mayhem Mode. [Marvel]

Animation: Walt Kelly and Selby Daley's "lost" animated Pogo short, "We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us" is now online for those unsatisfied by the Chuck Jones joint. [Cartoon Brew]

Gaming: If you're in the market for a new Nintendo 3DS, the upcoming Pikachu model may suit you. [Joystiq]

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