Animation: Axe Cop stands before a blaze in ADHD's latest AC animated series still. [ADHD]

Video: If you were at ECCC 2013 last weekend, you probably saw Alice Finch's insanely awesome LEGO Hogwarts. If not, no worries, there's a suitably rad video showcasing the excellence. [TDW]

Gaming: Marvel: Avengers Alliance players now have access to Hank Pym once they complete Spec Op 7, "Ghost in the Machine" against Kang and Ultron. [Marvel: Avengers Alliance]

Rumors: There miiiiiiiight be official The Simpsons LEGO sets on the way in the next two years. Fans might dig them more than Playmates' old Blocko figures (above). [The Brick Fan]

Toys: Funko's upcoming The Walking Dead Mystery Minis will look a little something like this. [Daily Dead]

Gaming: The latest Marvel Heroes clip shows off some of Iron Man's in-game abilities. [MHO]

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