One of the things we enjoy most about a certain genre of comics is their sheer, ass-kicking absurdity ; blind ninja lawyers who dress up like the devil, Norse thunder gods who turn into frogs, and alcoholic robots who fight zombies in alternate universes. And while many people -- outside of comics, at least -- may drift away from this sort of wild, outrageous storytelling as they grow older, little kids are all about it.

Which is probably why "Axe Cop," the story of a cop who finds an axe and teams up with a flute-playing dinosaur soldier (who later turns into a giant avocado with a unicorn horn) is so great -- it's actually written by a 5-year-old named Malachai Nicolle, and then drawn by his more artistically sophisticated 29-year-old brother, Ethan Nicolle.

While the main site has apparently gone down due to very high levels of "Axe Cop" Appreciation, there's a temporary site hosting the five-part series, and well as the extremely comic-booky issue zero, which contains the secret origin of Axe Cop and a retconned memory-wipe worthy of "Identity Crisis." Enjoy!

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