Responding to their recent Internet boomsplosion, the brotherly Webcomic phenomenon that is 5-year-old Malachai and 29-year-old Ethan Nicolle's "Axe Cop" has been churning out regular episodes, "Ask Axe Cop" supplements and new merchandise faster than you can say "Uni Baby." And we're not the only one's who've noticed, apparently Hollywood has as well.

Over at the Axe Cop blog, Ethan's careful to point out that the series has only caught "interest" thus far, meaning nothing official is in the works. Fortunately for fans that interest, however vague, has lead to the creation of the "Axe Cop Fake Trailer Animatic," a motion comic-style movie trailer mock-up showcasing some of the series' highlights to date with all the trimmings of a big-budget action movie (more or less).

You can check it out the full fake trailer (and credits) after the jump. But you'd better be prepared for many restless nights dreaming of an actual Hollywood adaptation.

Featuring the voices of:

Dave DeAndrea as AxeCop

Bob Souer as The Narrator

Lee Gordon as Flute Cop

Dan Roberts as Exec #1

Dave DeAndrea as Exec #2

Jody Silvers as Exec #3

and Elias DeAndrea as The Kid