The apocalyptic epic that is B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth continues apace with this week's The Long Death #1, launching an ambitious new cycle of "Mignola-verse" comics that will include five B.P.R.D. miniseries by Mike Mignola and his talented collaborators. Co-written as usual by John Arcudi with artwork by James Harren and Dave Stewart, The Long Death #1 welcomes readers old and new to a tense time in the B.P.R.D., where questionable loyalties make the team's supernatural missions all the more challenging.

You can check out an especially freaky preview below, along with cover artwork by Duncan Fegredo and Mike Mignola.Longtime ComicsAlliance readers know B.P.R.D. is one of our favorite series, appearing in our list of 2011's best comics and brought up numerous times besides. The entire saga thus far is available digitally, in a series of convenient paperback volumes, and as oversized hardcover omnibuses for the more devoted reader. Fans of adventure, horror and indeed humor (not to mention routinely excellent artwork by Guy Davis, Tyler Crook and a host of other creators) would do well to get on board with this consistently satisfying series, especially with so much planned for this year.

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth - The Long Death #1 is on sale now in finer comics stores and digitally via Dark Horse Digital.

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